About AT Landscaping 

AT Landscaping was founded in 2023 by Aidan Tice in Eliot Maine at 19 years old.  AT Landscaping is a small landscaping company servicing southern Maine.  We offer landscaping and lawn care services to residential and commercial clients such as mowing, spring and fall leaf cleanups, property maintenance and small hardscape.    


Although we're a small and young company you can be rest assured AT landscaping does it right every time to our customers satisfaction.  I've had an interest in mowing lawns since I was a little kid and have been mowing lawns ever since I was able to operate a push mower.  As I've gotten older I expanded from mowing my lawn to me taking on a few more yards in the neighborhood.  Then during the spring of 2023 I decided to start my own landscaping business. 


As this summer is wrapping up we've had a great first season.  We've had plenty of jobs to keep us busy this summer and met lots of great people.  Thank you to all of our customers for your projects and helping us grow this past year.